Saturday, June 27, 2009

Headed Home Again :)

Madison's surgery went very well. She's such a sturdy little girl, I'm not surprised she's handled it so great. She did swell up a lot after the surgery, which I wasn't prepared for, and the neurosurgeon said was more than typical, maybe a reaction of some sort. But once she was off IV fluids and able to be up a moving around a bit, the swelling went down quickly. She went from her eyes being swollen shut yesterday morning, to almost normal by mid-afternoon. She looks perfect this morning and is her usual cooing and smiling self.

The shunt is not too visible, which makes me happy. I'll get some pictures up later. A small bump on the top of her head where the reservoir is, but the valve is so small you can barely feel it under the skin. Once her hair grows in, you won't notice it at all.

We are going home this morning as soon as the paper work comes through. Thank you all for your prayers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gearing Up

Madison went in for her check-up this week. She now weighs 18lbs 14oz. She's 26 1/2 inches long, and in the 95th-97th percentiles for her age. Big girl! Her head circumference has also gone up quite a bit, even from her visit in Portland a couple of weeks ago. It's off the chart now, so I am reassured that the shunt is the right thing to do at this point.

Her surgery is scheduled for next Thursday, and we will drive up on Tuesday night since she has a pre-op on Wednesday morning. She should only be in the hospital for 2 days. We need prayers that everything goes smoothly.

As far as her development, she is doing wonderful. She sits up well for her age, but topples quickly. She's rolling over from tummy to back, and *almost the other way. She's so chunky I'm surprised at how agile she is. She grabs her toes and rolls back and forth. She is moving her toes more than she used to, which is really encouraging. I will try and get a new picture of her up soon.

It's been relatively quiet here this week, since my parents took Seth and Ethan camping. They've been gone since Monday, and I will drive over today and help get everything home. What a blessing my parents are .....

Kirsten's graduation went well, and we had a nice dinner here to celebrate. She's now working at Camp Harlow for the summer, so we won't see her much.

Well, Hannah and Abigail just woke up, so I must go.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some News, Good and Bad....

Madison is going to need a shunt. I was dreading the news, even though I wasn't surprised. We went to the Spina Bifida Clinic last week, and her head growth has gone up from the 75th to the 95th percentile rank. Her weight has as well, so the pediatrician didn't know for sure what would happen. So, we drove to Portland yesterday for her MRI and follow-up with the neurosurgeon. Her ventricles are getting bigger. Not causing any problems for her, but it is what seems to be causing her head growth.

I will call today to schedule the surgery, and will probably have it done at the end of the month. They do the surgery at Doernbecher's Hospital in Portland, so I will have to be away from the rest of the family for a few days. In the long run, this is nothing, I know, but for now, it's not what we wanted. I was hoping she would be in the 10-15% of spina bifida kids that don't need shunts. The neuro said that he places enough tubing to allow full growth, and if the shunt functions normally, and she doesn't have any problems with infection, etc., then she won't need a revision ever. Statistically, revisions are common, and most people have 7 in a lifetime. Prayers needed that this is the only surgery she will ever need for this.

Some GOOD news!! Kirsten is graduating from Western Oregon University on the 13th! Yay!!! We will be having a celebration here at our home after her grad ceremony. I'm so proud of her. :) She has worked hard the last four years, and I pray the Lord uses her in her work environment. She's going to be a teacher, and I know she will be a wonderful one. She has worked at Camp Harlow every year between her school sessions, and thoroughly enjoys those little people. She has a heart for it.

Other good news about Madison.... Her physical therapist and her SB pediatrician have upgraded her leg strength. She is pointing her foot a bit on the right side, and I think I've noted some on the left as well. Her hamstrings are working also, which wasn't for sure on her last exam. She is weak in the gluteal area, but does have some function there. They have no doubts she'll walk, though she will need some braces for positioning. We are still working on stretching her feet, hips and neck. She's a litte tight on one side and prefers to look to the right. But she is meeting all her developmental milestones on target, or a bit ahead. I thought she was lagging a bit a month ago, so it's very encouraging.

Thank again for all the prayers. Sorry I don't update here more often, but we are a BUSY household, and it has been a very busy Spring. Love to you all! Lord be with you.....

Madison Walking 22 1//2 months old! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Madison and Mommy

Madison right before her surgery on August 25th 2009

Madison almost 6 months