Friday, July 31, 2009

Almost 7 months....

Madison is getting so big. She is going to be 7 months on the 10th of August, and I can't believe how fast the time has flown. She is pushing 20lbs. Her development so far is right on target for her age. She is rolling over both ways, and sitting alone for short periods. She is a delightful baby and smiles and talks all the time. She absolutely loves all her siblings (even Abby-lol) and I know she's going to be following them around as soon as she can. They will be great motivators for her to get up and run. :)

We are still doing the stretching exercises with her, to keep her feet and hips in full range of motion. We start physical therapy soon, I'm waiting to hear from the coordinator for that. I will call today since it's been a couple of weeks since we were in.

The summer is flying by, and the weather has been wonderful. A bit hot the last week or so, but that's okay. My parents have been helping tremendously with taking the boys to swimming lessons and camping. We have continued with school through the summer, but a light load, and we've taken a break from piano. (which may have been a mistake)

Madison hasn't had any problems with her shunt, and her hair is growing so fast, we won't be able to see it pretty soon. I think the fluid retention she had was enough to make her a bit "hazy" and she has been much more alert and talkative since her surgery. That could be due to age and growth too, but it seemed pretty evident right away to me. Not night and day, but significant. That reassured me that the surgery was the right thing to do, and not wait until this fall, which was an option at the time.

I still feel like I'm running to catch up most days, rather than lead and teach my children. Hannah and Abigail are busy little toddlers, and they are great partners in crime. We have new chickens this year, and they just started laying last week. Hannah got into the refrigerator in the garage and cracked about 22 eggs into a container. (and all over the rug we have out there) She is a child that just *does whatever comes to mind. She's getting better, but in small steps. We took the boys and Hannah (and Linda) out to dinner last night for Tim's birthday, and she was wonderful! So refreshing to see that she *will grow into a nice little girl.....

Anyway, off to start my day. Abigail is calling me.....


  1. I just found your blog. My baby girl (21 weeks in utero) was just diagnosed with SB. I have 3 older children (2,4,5). My sister had SB, so I am familiar with it. It is so encouraging to see larger families with a child that has SB and the joy they bring to the family.

  2. Hi Kim and family,
    Always glad to see an update. Sounds like things are positive. Tell Sandy "Hi" for me.
    Aunt Ginny


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