Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Milestone

Madison got up on her feet today! I really didn't think she would do this before she had some braces on her little feet. She has been standing on "tall knees" since soon after crawling, but I didn't think she was stable enough to get up on her feet. She was trying to pull up on a pillow this morning, and had both of her feet under her, and her legs straight, in a camel-stance. :)

I'm so excited for her! I just love that she is so motivated. I'm pretty sure she will be pulling up to stand next to furniture soon, with or without the braces. (we are still waiting for the appt to get this started)

Anyway, just had to share....

She will be 1 year old on January 10th. Whenever I read others' blogs, I wonder how old their children are, and scroll through trying to find out when they were born. I will try to mention her age more often.


  1. Yeah for Madison! What an exciting moment.

    Nicole and Family

  2. What a wonderful way to end this year. Such a high note. Good luck next year.
    Aunt Ginny

  3. Awesome!

    My Esther-Faith turns four on January 10th!

  4. I'm obviously really late on this, but this is so exciting!!! WTG Madison! I can only imagine some tears of joy coming down your face and amazement!!


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