Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Girl

Maddie is one year in a couple of hours, and I am in tears and joyful at the same time remembering this last year. It's been a whirlwind of challenges and fears, and amazing victories.

I am terrible at getting the camera out, but I promise to get some new pictures up soon of all the kids. Madison is really wanting to be part of the daily celebration in the mornings, and she is very vocal about it, if not able to follow fast enough to keep up with the running and dancing. The girls are both including her now in their play, and they spend a good bit of time playing "kitchen" in the girls' playroom, as well as "reading" books to each other. I'm excited to see how their friendships develop over the years coming up.

Seth and Ethan are wonderful brothers, and never tire of playing with the babies, even though they get frustrated at the occasional sabotage of their personal things or projects. I'm looking forward to some good outdoor weather so they can ride bikes and Madison can get a feel for the dirt. She loves textures and exploring, and crawls all over the house now.

Kirsten is still working on getting sub jobs for teaching. She has her second job this week, and is excited about it. Her first day subbing went really well, so I'm glad she's getting her feet under her. I pray she will be a blessing to the school system and reach many children for the Lord.

Linda is working for Tim and staying busy with her social life (along with Kirsten). I'm enjoying spending time with these young ladies and hope I can encourage growth where it's needed, and encouragement where it's due.

Parenting so many different ages has it's challenges, and I often fear I'm taking advantage of some, and neglecting others, but I pray at the end of the day/week it all balances out.

I also pray that I get back into a prayer and study routine for my own growth and refreshment in Christ, as this has gotten neglected and certainly adds to my down times. But the Lord is faithful, and I am always aware of His presence here.

I am extremely thankful for all those who pray for us and think of us and pass on the occasional encouragement. It really means so much!

Thank you.....


  1. Happy have such an adorable family. Check out my new blog on wordpress. I am hoping to encourage others with SB. I am an adult that was born with the most severe form ,open spine but I do not let it stop me from living life to its fullest.

  2. Kim it's amazing to me that Madison is a year old and what a year it has been for you and your family!!! Praying for you all as you go into another year!!!

  3. What a faithful God we have. And Madison is such a gift. Thatnk you for sharing her with us all and your journey of faith.


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