Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful Days, and New Mile Stones....

Today was our first baseball game(s) of the season. I so much appreciated the glimpse of warmth and sunshine that accompanied them. Ethan and Seth were at separate fields, so I took Abigail and Madison with me to Ethan's, and my parents took Seth and Hannah to his. This year is different. I don't have to push a stroller full of toddlers to the field, and although Abigail is still pushing her boundaries, we got over the first clash of wills with her, and I was able to actually *watch the game!

Another difference.... Madison is older, and not quite walking. I almost brought her walker with us, but left it because she generally abandons it anyway, and it's just another item to carry around for me. But tonight I think she noticed that she is different. She was playing with Abby and a group of other girls, all around ages 3-4. Older than Maddie, but the same ages as her siblings, so she thinks she should fit right in. But she couldn't keep up with them, and although she played fine throughout the game, she wanted to have me walk her around instead of crawl. Should have brought the walker. She is so close to independent walking, but on dirt and grass, she isn't close.

When we got home, she walked across the kitchen without being coaxed! I was shocked! She walks a little here and there, along side the couch, or when someone is working with her. But this is a first! I'm so happy for her, yet a bit sad that she may have felt left out at the ball field. I'm sure it's the first of many instances like this that she will face in her life. I love that she is feeling more motivated to walk.

But with every mile stone reached, I feel a little sadness for how hard it is for her. I know other parents with challenged kids can understand....


  1. Hi Madison!
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site,. u are a courageous strong and determined fighter. You are a brave Warrior, Inspirational Hero, and a smilen Champion. Congrats on walking, your mommy and daddy must be proud!
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease.


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