Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing Wonderful :)

Madison is doing great! She was able to nurse twice today. She took over half her feeding from me the first time. They only want her nursing every other feeding right now so she can build up her strength for it. The next one (9pm) she nursed a little, but fell asleep. They gave the rest of her milk through her gastric tube. She gets 60cc's at a time. I loved being able to hold and cuddle her though.

Tim was able to hold her for the first time tonight. I can't believe how special each event is. You take so much for granted!

She was able to meet both her grandpa's today. My dad and Tim's dad both came to see her. I'm amazed at how fast the days are going by, yet it seems I've been here a lifetime as well.

So, Madison had an ultrasound yesterday, and there is still no hydrocephaly. It confirmed some of the findings from her previous ultrasounds, which indicated the spina bifida to begin with. Arnold Chiari II malformation is almost always present, but doesn't always cause complications. This is what may cause the hydrocephaly. So no new news in that regard. They will keep her here long enough to monitor her ultrasounds, and make sure she's taking all her feedings either from me, or a bottle. (not through the gastric tube) I really don't know how long that will be. Several more days at least.

I'm feeling well. I was discharged yesterday, and am staying at the Ronald McDonald House. What a wonderful place... I am amazed at the generosity of people. My experience with the people up here at OHSU has been so good. I can't say enough good things about my stay here so far. The people have been so nice and caring, it's overwhelming.

So, I better get to bed. It's harder to rest now that I'm not staying at the hospital with her.



  1. What wonderful news Kim! I know a lady whose husband and son both have Arnold Chiari II malformation, if she does end up with this, I'll share her contact info (email) with you so you can talk to her and learn more about it (her son's 16 so she's got a lot of knowledge).

    What a blessing that she's nursing more and more!!!

  2. I am glad to hear all of that. I hope both of you get to come home soon.


  3. I know you were concerned about whether or not you would be able to stay at the RMH.
    What a blessing!
    It is easy to see how much favor you have been given. So many things keeps turning your way! The Lord loves you and calls you His beloved.

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  5. Kim I am having such an awful time trying to blog you. We are so happy evevything is going so well. Our God is so good to us. We are continuing to pray for your quick recovery .
    I can't wait to hold little Madison Hope.
    We love you!

  6. Kim, I am so glad to hear that Madison is doing well. I've been praying for her and will continue to keep her in my prayers! I love you and your beautiful family! :)


  7. Wonderful News is right! I am so happy she is doing so great!

    Keeping you and Madison in my prayers...(and your whole family =))

  8. That is wonderful news! You all remain in our prayers. We miss you!

  9. Kim ~ I'm just reading up on Madison and it sounds like she's doing wonderfully. :) My friend, who also has a child with SB, stayed at the Ronald McDonald house and had many great things to say about it ~ it's such a neat place for the families. Many prayers for you and your family.


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