Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home at Last

We made it home at last at about midnight. It took all afternoon/evening to get all the paper work done, get the run-down on her care, and gather her things. Finally loaded up into Kirsten's car and headed home. Madison and I slept the whole way.

Tim had gone home early in the day with the boys and my sister. (Karen) She came up and stayed a the last couple of days with me there. I have been so blessed by the care and attention of my family. Thank you! It was good to get home and sleep in my own bed, with my new baby next to me. Didn't realize how much I was missing that part.

Abigail and Hannah met her this morning. Abigail is not too sure what to think. She spent some time crying and avoiding me, but cuddled off and on too. Hannah is just a sweet little mama with her. Kissing and wanting to hold her. (a bit on the rough side though)

Madison is nursing better, still not long sessions, but latching a bit better. Her little bottom is so sore from having constant BMs and maybe from the antibiotic too. She needs a low prophylactic dose everyday because of her kidney reflux. I hope that gets better. I've never seen diaper rash like this.

Well, she is getting hungry, but I wanted to post a quick note. Thank you for prayers. :)


  1. How wonderful to finally be home with your little one! Enjoy your "babymoon"! I will continue to pray for little Madison and your family.

  2. Oh wow Kim how excited that you're home!!!!!! I never thought you'd be home so quickly!! What a praise to GOD!!! He is GOOD indeed, he is good!

    Hey for her bottom, trying squirting some breastmilk onto it! It's a natural cure all for all kinds of things and it's one of the best diaper rash cures I've found!

    Praying for all necessary prayer needs for Madison, but so in awe of how the Lord has just shown his mercy so far with her and her health!

  3. Praise the Lord!!
    I thought you all would be locked in Portland another week.
    I am sorry to hear about the rash. :( And on top of everything else she is dealing with, too. Poor little honey.
    Abigail may be upset about her new sister, but the issue also may be that you were gone so long. With some little ones, they deal with that when mommy comes back. I pray her little heart heals quickly, whatever the case.

    Blessings and peace upon your household.

    Love, K


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