Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's Note...

We went in for a weight check today, and Madison is 7lbs 11oz. Up three ounces from her birth weight. Kirsten was there when she was being weighed on her birthday, and confirmed that she was 7lbs 8oz at birth.

She's nursing better each day, and is just a sweet little thing. Hannah loves to hold her (for about 15 seconds) and Abby is ignoring her for the most part. She's decided she likes me again though, which is very nice. :) Seth and Ethan are always wanting to hold the baby, she's quite the commodity. They always scrub up really good first, just like we did in the NICU. It's so cute.

Life is good here, and I have had constant help from my mom, sister, and daughters. Not to mention my dear hubby, who has been cooking up a storm, and feeding me quite well.

Well, off to bed once again....


  1. Well, you can tell from the video and photos that she has a sweet spirit. It just draws you to her. Makes me want to get to know her!
    Your family helping out so much is a tremendous blessing, as you know. The goodness of the Lord surrounds you all.


  2. Way to grow baby girl. You are blessed to have such a family. ((HUGS))

  3. Very sweet. We had to watch over and over. The girls think she is something.


  4. What a sweet baby girl! You all look so happy. Keeping your family in prayers.


Madison Walking 22 1//2 months old! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Madison right before her surgery on August 25th 2009

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